Prayer Ministry

Continual and daily prayer is integral to Truth Now Tabernacle.

Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. ~ Matthew 17:21

Because of the importance of prayer, we begins every service with 30 minutes of pre-service prayer in the sanctuary, prior to the rest of the service (ie. praise and preaching of the Word). Please feel free to drop by and/or come early and join in during this time of prayer before each service and Thursdays. For a current weekly schedule, please see here.

Prayer Requests? Resources? Prayer requests can be submitted locally here. View our semi-updated Prayer and Praise Reports tab here and more resources on prayer or to submit prayer requests globally via the World Network of Prayer.

We stand by the power of prayer, in our daily lives, in Jesus name.

Photo Credits to Patheos – Prayer Prompted by Communion and My Lady Lupus – Prayer.

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