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Emphasizing Endings – 03.13.16 | Bulletin (Mar. 13). Weekly Poem (Mar. 13).

‘The end is better than the beginning’, ‘He that perservereth…’. The walk may be difficult, but do not get discouraged. Encourage yourself in the Lord. A look at the finished creation, course and reward, as well as the six D’s that often cause us not to finish what we start. (Eccl. 7:8)

The Resurrection of Christ – 03.13.16

A survey of the resurrections of Christ and an inner look at the resurrection of Christ himself. These accounts of resurrections provide a consistency for his own resurrection (Mat. 27:53).

The Duties of a Pastor – 03.09.16

11:30 AM, The Dispenser of Dreams – 03.06.16 | Bulletin (Mar. 6). Weekly Poem (Mar. 6).

How is your faith? Dreams are necessary, come with adversity, in the house of God, with a cost, and require a daily investment.  In the day that he sacrificed abundantly, came his song. Greatest secret of dreams and success? Refuse to be still in your God-given dream (1 Kings 3:5)

9:30 AM, Repentance/Arrepentimiento – 03.06.16

Through the door of repentance, God’s grace is opened to us (Romans 2:4). Es de la puerta de arrepentimiento, que la gracia de Dios es dado a nos (Romanos 2:4).

The Sower of Discord 03.02.16 

11:30 AM, Signs of the Believer – 02.28.16 | Bulletin (Feb. 28). Weekly Poem (Feb. 28).

Mark 16:9-18 Someone that lines up their lives to the Spirit and to the word of God, that will believe and obey the Word. Some of these signs, evident in true believers can be ‘Jesus Power’ (in my name they shall cast out devils…), a ‘Jesus Persona’ (for they heard them speak with other tongues…), ‘Jesus Protection’ (angels encamped around those that fear the Lord…) and a ‘Jesus Purpose’ (I have come that they… thus, a ministry-minded mindset and an outreach-minded outlook). While there may be trials, but there will be peace amidst the storms.

9:30 AM, Justification by Faith – 02.28.16 

Romans 1:17. Freedom from sin is impossible without a relationship with God. The justification by God is given to us without works, without cost, without condemnation, nor remembrance of the prior. Faith in our lives will produce obedience unto God and good works.

Christian Love – 02.25.16 | Bulletin (Feb. 21). Weekly Poem (Feb. 21).

Giving is a hallmark of a developed and mature Christian walk. By their actions, ye shall know them… the end commandment being charity. Thus, we should strive to do everything in the love of Christ (1 Timothy 1:5).
 Sailing into Hell – 02.21.16
If your life is like a ship, then it must be sailing somewhere. We can control our destiny by our words and through our actions. (Revelation 19:20).

When the Promise Dies – 02.14.16 | Bulletin (Feb. 14) and the Weekly Poem (Feb. 14).

‘Before the promise comes to pass, a sentence of death must be placed over it – in that all means of it occurring will [generally] disappear. It happened to Abraham, Job, David, … and it happens to us’ (John 11:43-44).

TNT Church of Vernon Relocated. If needed, please contact Bro. or Sis. Watson for more information.

Basic Holiness – 02.10.16 | Bulletin (Feb. 7) and the Weekly Poem (Feb. 7).
Rules are like mountains, a visible manifestation of a underlying principle thereof. It was up to Moses to decide where the mountain started (Ex. 19:23). Standards based on Biblical principles should be applied daily to our lives. #principles, leadership and holiness.