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For uplifting, 24/7 Apostolic sermons [Revival Radio, Holy Ghost Radio] – here and here.

One of the most influential Apostolic Pentecostal churches of the 20th century [Pentecostals of Alexandria] started its humble roots in a small town in Louisiana.

2016 DVC Recordings (M4A):

Monday – Bro. A. T. Dillion, evening (tail end) [7:30].

Tuesday – Bro. R. Mullins, evening [47:50].

Wednesday – Bro. R. Mullins, evening, Pt. 2 [14:24, 23:36].

Thursday – Bro. J. Jones, evening. Bro. L. J. Harry – Morning [38:38, 36:19].

Friday – Bro. Jones, evening. Bro. Harry – Morning [42:21, 25:21]. Special 1 2 [3:42, 4:18].

Pentecostals of Alexandria [Archived Podcasts] – here.

Traffic Talk, Apostolic interviews  [YouTube] here.

Extensive UPC Playlist Library [YouTube] – here.

Eddie James Playlist [YouTube] – here.

Indiana Bible College [YouTube] – here.

My Hope Radio, 24/7 Music [UPCI] – here.

IPUC Radio de Columbia [Alabanzas, español] – here.

May these links be a blessing to you! | NAYC General Youth Conference 2012/2013.