Meet our Pastor

Richard Dumaresq, aka Pastor “D” has been the pastor of T. N.. T. church since 2003. Prior to his pastoral role, Pastor D worked extensively in youth ministry and evangelized travelling throughout British Columbia and Washington State. He also currently serving on the B. C. District North American Missions Committee.

Although born in Alberta, he was raised in Kelowna since the age of four. Reared in a non-religious home, he considered himself an atheist for most of his teenage years. Pastor D will readily confess, however, that his greatest life experience occurred at the age of eighteen when Jesus rescued him from sin and atheistic delusion. Pastor D is still awestruck how Jesus, in His great mercy, allowed him to repent of his sins, be washed in water baptism, in the name of Jesus, and to receive the glorious gift of the Holy Ghost. Every day since that experience, Pastor D has been on a journey with Jesus that he would not trade for anything!